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Church Membership 2010

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Church Membership 2010

This program lets you track your members, contributions, talents, attendance, and a host of other features that appear in standard church programs, but at a fraction of the cost.

Operates on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7. It will operate in Windows 8 and 10 only if you set the properties in Compatability Mode to work with one of the lower version.

For free 30-day trial, download Church Membership now and purchase registration number at a later date.

NOTE: In order to unlock the program for 30 day free trial you will need to enter this number when prompted: 6689367641925407

This will provide only 30 days, so use the time wisely.
Download (time depends on speed of your connection). THIS IS A DOWNLOAD PRODUCT ONLY. A DISK CAN BE PURCHASED FOR AN ADDITIONAL $5 PLUS POSTAGE OF $3.

Church Membership 2010 offers small churches (and large churches) computer technology for tracking membership, talents, attendance, contributions, visitation and more - only $99.95

This software program has a number of features of many of the name-brand church programs but at a fraction of the cost.

*Track family information
*Enter details on individuals in the congregation
*Track attendance, contributions and talents
*Track visits and outreach programs
*Generate multiple reports
*Track church library books
*Keep track of sermon tapes
*Generate visitation assignments and track progress of visits made to members and non members alike

.....and much more

Your Price:$99.99